The Issues

New bridges, big costs

  • The Sagamore and Bourne Bridges must be replaced at a cost of more than $4 billion
  • They are located in the district and are the only way to travel to Cape Cod by car.
  • State and federal representatives must convince the U.S. government to pay those
  • Massachusetts must invest state dollars to successfully make that case.
  • They must be replaced with the least possible disruption to Cape Cod residents and

Cape Cod can’t exist without clean water.

  • Cleaning up past contamination will take state funding.
  • Homeowners need help paying for hookups to town sewers.
  • We need new laws to prevent future damage.
  • The quality of our saltwater embayments, freshwater ponds, and drinking water is declining.
  • Pollution from septic systems, stormwater, fertilizers, and chemicals is increasing.

New laws and funding for local solutions

  • People don’t have enough places to live.
  • Homes cost too much, and rent is too high.
  • Employers can’t fill jobs without places for new hires to go.
  • Children can’t find their own places to live when they grow up
  • We need new laws for local solutions, and more funding for investments.

Register to vote in Massachusetts

Voter registration deadlines

  • Online registration deadline: 10 days before Election Day
  • Register by mail deadline: Must be postmarked 10 days before Election Day
  • In person registration deadline: 10 days before Election Day